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Red Korean Ginseng Benefits For Fitness Minded Singaporeans

Stress is an inevitable phenomenon in today’s world. One would have thought that the constant advancement of technology would mean fewer stressors in our environment but that’s not the case. Many fitness minded Singaporeans are constantly looking for a long-lasting way to relieve stress but it seems the perfect solution is not easy to come by.

Living an active lifestyle comes with a lot of advantages but you also have to be able to keep up with the requirements that accompany it. Fitness-minded Singaporeans and those who live active lifestyle needs to be healthy and sound both physically and mentally at all times. This is the major requirement in order to be able to carry out his/her daily activities properly without any interruptions.

There are many ways to ensure that you are always in good health such as performing regular exercises, getting enough sleep, eating healthy meals, and conducting a regular medical checkup. Herbal remedies like red Korean ginseng are also beneficial in ensuring that you maintain a good health and an active lifestyle in Singapore.

What Is Red Korean Ginseng?

Red Korean ginseng, also known as panax ginseng, has been used for centuries to treat a number of conditions. Traditionally, the herb was used as a tonic to treat individuals suffering from chronic illnesses as well as convalescents.

In recent times, red Korean ginseng has grown in usage and acceptability and it is now used across the globe to treat an array of conditions including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, cognitive diseases, and many others.

Several studies have been conducted on the safety and benefits of red Korean ginseng in treating these conditions. Although most of the studies found that the herb is safe and effective, there is a need for further studies into the topic. Reviews and testimonies by people who have used ginseng show that the herb may be effective in treating many health conditions with only a few mild to moderate side effects.

Here are few red Korean ginseng benefits for fitness-minded individuals:

Red Korean Ginseng Benefits For Fitness Minded

There may be several ways that red Korean ginseng benefits active lifestyle or fitness lifestyle people, but here we’re going to talk about the following:

  • Insomnia
  • Weight Loss
  • Stress
  • Inflammation
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Weight Gain
  • Testosterone
  • Mood and Mental Well-being
  • Strength, Stamina, and Endurance
  • Hypertension and Diabetes


Let’s jump in.

Red Korean Ginseng For Insomnia

Ginseng has been used for centuries to remedy sleep disorders. The herb is reportedly effective in reducing stress and related conditions like anxiety and depression as well as creating a calm and relaxing feeling. These benefits of ginseng for anxiety provide a room for better sleep and therefore making way to be effective in treating insomnia.

Korean ginseng targets insomnia and other sleep disorders by targeting and modifying the GABAergic neurotransmitters which help to relieve stress and reduce the time it takes to sleep. The herb is traditionally used as a mild sedative and a study conducted on the effectiveness of red Korean ginseng for insomnia found that the herb led to improving the quality of sleep on sleep disturbed subjects.

Red Korean Ginseng For Weight Loss

Ginseng is believed to contain properties that may support weight loss. Carrying too much weight is not a good idea for fitness-minded individuals as well as anybody. Even though it is a gradual process, panax ginseng (Korean ginseng) may help you shed weight naturally. Taking ginseng for weight loss is beneficial as it leads to faster metabolism thus preventing fat build up in the body.

The herb also delays the absorption of fat by the body as well as aiding in facilitating its fast excretion. Furthermore, red Korean ginseng helps to regulate the levels of blood sugar and glucose which also aids to prevent the deposition of fat in the body. This makes ginseng an ideal choice for fitness-minded Singaporeans who want to lose weight naturally over a period of time with the aid of supplements.

Keep in mind, supplements aren’t the holy grail of losing weight, no matter what you’re taking you still need to include healthy lifestyle choices such as good sleep, healthy eating, and physical fitness.

Red Korean Ginseng For Stress

Ginseng is prescribed as a quick and effective stress reliever. The herb is also beneficial in preventing and treating stress-related conditions like anxiety and depression. This is because of the adaptogenic benefits of ginseng. These amazing properties contained in red Korean ginseng for anxiety and stress helps the body to cope better with stressors in the environment.

Taking Korean ginseng for stress relief is believed to be useful because the herb is effective in reducing cortisol as well as stimulating the activities of the adrenal glands. This helps to create a relaxing feeling while increasing energy levels in the body.

It is also believed red Korean ginseng works better for stress if you avoid certain things such as caffeine. It is also been found to be beneficial in preventing stomach ulcers caused by stress.

Red Korean Ginseng For Inflammation

Ginseng is often prescribed by herbal specialists for the treatment of inflammation. Studies conducting on the effectiveness of the herb in treating swelling and pains in the body have found that it may be effective in treating inflammation. The herb may also be beneficial in preventing the condition that may result from inflammation.

The benefit of Korean ginseng for inflammation may be attributable to the numerous vitamins and minerals contained in the herb as well as its major component ginsenoside. The herb is used by fitness professionals and other individuals who live an active lifestyle because it reduces recovery time after stressful workouts.

Red Korean Ginseng For Adrenal Fatigue

The herb is also effective for treating adrenal fatigue in people diagnosed with the condition. Taking red Korean ginseng for adrenal fatigue is believed to be beneficial as it helps to improve the bodies resilience to stress as well as improving mood and boosting energy. This makes the herb especially beneficial for fitness-minded Singaporeans who want to maintain an active lifestyle and carry out their daily activities properly.

Red Korean Ginseng For Weight Gain

Red Korean ginseng is believed to contain medicinal properties that could aid in weight gain. Adding up a little more muscle mass may be a good idea for individuals who want to look physically fit. However, caution should be exercised when trying to add weight as too much of it may be detrimental to your health and eventually prevent you from carrying out your normal daily routine. It really just depends on what the aim of the weight gain is for and if it’s useful for you. Korean ginseng for weight gain works to help increase lean muscle mass in the body.

Does Ginseng Increase Testosterone?

Does ginseng increase testosterone? This is the question on the lips of many fitness-minded Singaporeans who are looking to improve their health with the herbal supplement. Red Korean ginseng is effective in increasing the levels of testosterone in the body.

The herb is able to perform this function by stimulating the production of more Leydig cells in the body, which in turn leads to an increased production of the hormone. Testosterone is essential to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle as it leads to increased energy, and overall well-being.

Red Korean Ginseng For Better Mood And Mental Well-Being

Ginseng has been found to offer mood uplifting benefits. The herb is also beneficial in improving overall mental wellbeing. It is reported that red Korean ginseng was traditionally used in ancient Chinese medicine to make a herbal formula called Kai Xin San. The herb is the main ingredient in the formula which is used to treat depression and other related conditions.


It is believed that Korean ginseng is able to perform this function with the help of one of its active phytochemicals – Ginsenosides. The chemical compound is beneficial in reducing stress and creating a calm feeling in the body. The antioxidant benefits of the herb are also effective in inhibiting the activities of free radicals thus improving mental and physical fitness.

Red Korean Ginseng For Strength, Stamina, And Endurance

Ginseng is used to boost strength, stamina, and endurance thus making it the ideal herb for fitness-minded Singaporeans. As already mentioned above, red Korean ginseng was traditionally used to help sick people and convalescents get back on their feet. In recent times, the herb still serves the same purpose and it is now used by healthy individuals to maintain physical and mental fitness.

The herb has also been active in increasing energy and reducing fatigue in cancer patients. Red Korean ginseng may be beneficial for people suffering from CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and it has been effective for boosting energy in about half of the patients who ingest it. The herb performs this function by controlling mitochondrial activities which are the powerhouse of the body.

Red Korean Ginseng For Hypertension And Diabetes

Ginseng is widely used as a remedy to lower blood pressure in people diagnosed with hypertension. High blood pressure may negatively impact on your mental and physical fitness as well as your ability to carry out your daily activities properly. This is because the condition if left untreated, may lead to health issues such as kidney failure and other chronic illnesses.

Ginseng is also beneficial in lowering blood sugar levels in individuals diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Interestingly, the herb is also beneficial in regulating blood sugar levels in people whose levels are below normal. Symptoms of type II diabetes may include blurred vision, fatigue, itchy skin, and many more which may interfere with the activities of fitness-minded individuals.

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